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Diode laser technology approved by the international scientific community. Ultra cooling protection system that avoids skin burn. Resistant and portable equipment.


Millennium – Diode Laser 808 nm

• Diode laser technology approved by the international scientific community
• Ultra cooling protection system that avoids skin burn
• Resistant and portable equipment

This system uses its unique laser with long pulse-width 808nm to penetrate into hair follicle. Using the principle of selective optical absorption, laser light can be absorbed by the melanin of the hair and then the hair shaft and hair follicle are lightly heated in order to destroy the oxygen-supply organization of and around the hair follicle. The system’s unique super-cooling technology brings a certain anesthetic effect to the epidermis according to the output of the laser. Therefore, it protects the skin from being hurt. As a result, a very safe and effective treatment is realized.


• Permanently eliminates 99.9% of the hair.
• It can be applied on any skin color or type with no risk.
• It improves the aspect of the skin.
• Offers security and comfort to the patient.

Treatment Variety:

• Hair removal.
• Skin rejuvenation.
• Pigmentation treatment.
• Acne treatment.
• Vascular (facial) treatment.
• Tattoo removal.

Product Specifications:

• Laser Type: Semiconductor type.
• Wave Length: 808 nm.
• Output Mode: Pulse output.
• Control Method: Touch control.
• Screen Size: 10.4 inches.
• Energy Density: 10-50J/cm2.
• Pulse Width Range: 1-400 ms.
• Spot Size: 12*20 mm.
• Frequency: 1-10 HZ.
• Light Spot Surface Temperature: 0-30℃.
• Cooling Systems: Semiconductor + built-in water + Air Triple Cooling System.
• Weight: 60 kg.
• Fuse Specifications: 05×25 10A.
• Input Power: 100W.
• Power: AC220V+10% 10A 50 HZ, 110V+100% 10A 60 Hz.


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